Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.

Become a property investor without the hassle

Gain access to a hand-picked portfolio of UK property: no need to arrange mortgages, find tenants or well… do anything!

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What am I investing in?

You’re investing in The Portfolio REIT Plc, which is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) – a special type of fund designed specifically for holding property. In the UK, more than £50bn is invested in REITs. Globally, they own some of the world’s most famous properties – including the Empire State Building!

When you invest, you buy shares in the REIT – which entitles you to a share of any rental profits (paid as dividends), plus the possibility of your shares increasing in value if the value of the homes rises.

Why Portfolio?

Become a property investor in minutes, not years

No need to save up a fortune for a buy-to-let – jump on the ladder and start benefiting from rental income today


From picking properties to managing maintenance, all the hard work is taken care of

A piece of every property

No tying up your entire investment in a single property: your shares give you exposure to every home in the REIT

Change renting for the better

Support our country’s need for high-quality, flexible and professionally managed rental homes

Get to know the investment

When you invest through the Portfolio, you’re buying shares in The Portfolio REIT: a fund that owns properties and rents them out. 

Owning shares means that you’re entitled to a share of the rental profits – paid to you as dividends. Also, your shares can become more valuable if the value of the properties owned by the REIT increases. 

This gives you a similar type of exposure to property as if you owned a buy-to-let property directly, although there are different risks and factors to be aware of when owning via a REIT structure and you should read the Summary Information Memorandum and Key Information Document in full. 

Property is a long-term investment so, for best results, you should plan to hold your investment for multiple years. However, you’re free to invest more or request a withdrawal any time you like. 

You may not be able to sell your investment either within the timescale or at the price that you require.

You can register with Portfolio for free, and you don’t pay any fees for deposits or withdrawals.

When you buy shares in the Portfolio REIT, the price includes a 2% premium to cover direct issuance costs and taxes. Any part of the premium that is not used for this purpose will remain within the REIT and be available for making investments.

There are no fees for selling shares.

There are costs associated with running the REIT that are deducted before rental profits are calculated. You can see a full illustration of the impact of costs on your investment in the Key Information Document and further details are provided in the Pre-Investment Disclosure Document. 

When you invest, you buy shares in the REIT. The REIT owns multiple properties – so you don’t need to be an expert in what to buy, and your investment is spread across as many homes as possible. 

We only invest in residential homes, which consist of a mix of houses and flats across the UK. We target homes that our research suggests will have strong rental demand, in areas that we believe have promising capital growth prospects. You can see more about what the REIT owns here.

When you invest, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to explore the properties in detail – including photos, key statistics, video tours and more.

The REIT’s investments may be concentrated in a small number of properties from time to time.

Just like if you own a buy-to-let property, there are two ways of making a potential return on your investment. 

The first is rental profit, which you will receive as dividends. We aim to pay a dividend of 3% but this is not guaranteed and depends on how the REIT performs. 

The second is the value of the properties growing, which is reflected in the share price. The UK average property price has grown by an average of 5% per year over the last 10 years, though past performance is no indicator of future market movement. 

The Investment Advisor to the REIT is Property Hub – a company that’s published some of the UK’s best-regarded property education and has a track record of over 1,500 property deals. Find out more about Property Hub.