Investing in the Property Hub REIT places your capital at risk. Capital growth and dividends are not guaranteed and the value of your investment in the REIT can decrease as well as increase. You may not be able to sell your investment either within the timescale or at the price that you require.

Through thePortfolio app, you’re exposed to
the performance of prime rental homes.

Our investment decisions are driven by total return: those we believe will generate the
strongest long-term returns after taking both rental income and capital growth into account.

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Total return

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Rental profits

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Capital growth

We currently focus on:

  • Homes in the North West of England, Yorkshire and the Midlands, where we believe the potential for capital growth is currently strongest
  • Both houses and apartments – as long as we believe they’ll rent well
  • Properties that are new or nearly new, so maintenance and refurbishment are expected to be low
  • Homes that stand out from the local competition, as we believe these will rent fastest and have the greatest capital growth potential

The best bit? With the Portfolio app, you don’t have to guess which property will perform best: you’re automatically exposed to every home that the REIT is invested in now, and everything that’s added in the future!

The REIT’s investments may be concentrated in a small number of properties from time to time.

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