Investment Documents

Please ensure you read and understand the below documents, if you have any questions, speak to your Portfolio Manager and they’ll be happy to help

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Frequently asked questions

The Portfolio app currently does not support a sign-up functionality for limited companies however, the Portfolio team is able to set this up manually for you.

You will need to supply identify verification documents [listed here] for all persons that have more than a 25% ownership in the limited company.

A bank statement will also need to be provided for the limited company account as proof of ownership.

Dividends are paid directly into your ‘wallet’ within the app. 

From here, you can choose to withdraw the funds into your bank account or re-invest by purchasing additional shares. 

When a dividend payment is made, you’ll receive a statement detailing the gross amount, the amount of tax withheld and the net amount due to you.

The ability of the Company to pay dividends is not guaranteed. Capital growth is not guaranteed, the value of property can go down as well as up. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and rules may be subject to change in future. Portfolio does not give advice. Capital at risk.

The total return of your investment will be made up of the dividends you receive plus any increase in the value of your shares. 

The REIT’s target is to deliver an annual dividend of 3p for every £1 invested. Dividends are dependent on distributable profits – being income less costs and fees (as set out in the Summary Information Memorandum). However, this is dependent on the REIT achieving its objective and is not guaranteed. The dividend policy is described more fully on the Regulatory Information Documents, which can be found here

An increase in the value of shares is dependent mainly on the value of the REIT’s property holdings. This will be determined by conditions in the UK property market in general, and the performance of the REIT’s property holdings in particular. 

Over the last ten years (August 2011 to July 2021), property prices in the UK have grown by an average of 5% per year. The REIT’s advisor, Portfolio Advisors Ltd (formerly Property Hub Advisors Ltd), has a track record of consistently out-performing the average. 

This is not a forecast and past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. There is no guarantee that any dividends will be paid in respect of any financial year or period or that any capital appreciation will be achieved.

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